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Balance Like A Pro

A Fast, Easy and Simple Process to Better Balance

The Structural Alignment Screen

The Better Balance Process is the key to leveraging up your equipment to maximize your ability to use your bio-mechanics 

The Shops

Better Balance works with the bootfitters and technicians at Alpine Pro, Can Ski Blackcomb and Surefoot Whistler to offer skiers the best in alignment solutions.

Meet the Crew

Wendell Moore and Peter Shandro are both trained in PMTS instruction and have attended the Harald Harb Alignment Course in Colorado and conduct the on-snow alignment evaluations.

About Better Balance .ca

Better Balance is owned and operated by Wendell Moore.  Skiing is Wendell's passion and he is constantly looking for ways to make the experience better than ever for himself and all the people he comes in contact with.


Better Balance offers a cutting edge experience where skiers get to work with top instructors who deliver a simple, easy and fast solution to Alignment Issues.


Manon goes everywhere with Wendell and skis all terrain in all conditions, doesn't teach or coach but is the embodyment of someone who loves to ski!

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